Alan Humble Obituary

We have to report the very sad news that the league president, Alan Humble has sadly peacefully passed away. Alan was the league secretary for some years and made the job look easy, which is testament to the hard work, organisation and capability he brought – for the benefit of others. A confirmed bachelor, Alan… Continue reading Alan Humble Obituary

League start 16-9-2021

Welcome! The long-running Teesside Friendly League continues, despite the Covid-19 madness that dominates all our lives at the moment. I’m very proud to have been installed as league chairman and we have a new secretary (Mark Graham) and committee (Les Woolston, Fred Cornwell and Jeff Tate). Many thanks to all those that served on the… Continue reading League start 16-9-2021

Trophy Dedications

The committee have decided (ratified by the delegates) that certain trophies will be renamed in honour of long-standing players from the league that have sadly been recently lost forever. May they rest in peace. They are: Billiards: The Ken Hopwood Memorial Trophy Snooker: The Colin Simister Memorial Trophy Dominoes: The Alan Grey Memorial Trophy Darts:… Continue reading Trophy Dedications