League Rules

Please would all players representing their relevant clubs respect these League rules...

Teesside Molson Coors Friendly League – Updated Rules for Season 2022-23

Overall structure
  • Season starts 15.9.22
  • Two divisions A & B
  • A division 9 teams
  • B division 9 teams
  • Play home and away 3 times (for both leagues)
  • Start time for all sections is 7.30pm
  • Handicaps to be used where necessary.


  • Now 150 up for every game
  • No coin toss, away player chooses who breaks and with which ball
  • Official spotted balls must be used no plain balls
  • The player with the yellow ball will always be on the top scoreboard regardless of who breaks.


  • No changes in format from last season.


  • Throw to remain 7ft 6" and 7ft 9"
  • No fixed oche, has to be moveable to allow for throws above
  • Format has changed to 6 singles and 2 pairs as per previous season, Pairs are now upto 701
  • One point per singles games and two points per pairs.


  • 4 pairs play first to 5 same a last season, 2 points for long game.

Cup competitions

  • Lynsley Bowl (both leagues to contest) and Presidents Cup
  • Individuals to be played on set designated Thursday nights.

League fees

  • £70 for season 2022-23
  • Additional £30 deposit against penalties, eg not fulfiling a fixture
  • Meetings every 2 months.


Teesside Molson Coors Friendly League – Covid-19 Measures for ALL Players and Clubs

All are reminded that we must not become complacent about Covid-19. Please note the priory club lost a great man, club president Allan Gray to Covid-19 and the only way the league can continue is in as safe a manner as possible. The following are ratified by the management committee 17-9-2020.

All Games

  • All government laws and guidelines must be followed
  • All club’s local rules for Covid-19 arrangements such as one-way systems etc. must be followed
  • It is the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY of every player to ensure the safety of themselves and others AT ALL TIMES
  • Handshakes are optional. If players do then they are advised to sanitise immediately.
  • Games need to start on time at 7:30 for the big tables and 8pm for darts and small tables. This is to help those who wish to minimise potential exposure time to the virus.
  • Home clubs to supply sanitiser
  • All players must be properly recorded on the results sheet – this can then be used for track and trace if needed

Billiards and Snooker

  • Balls to be sanitised before each game where possible
  • Table rails and rests to be sanitised before every game
  • Players to be assigned a rest to use. Suggest the home player uses baulk end rest at all times.
  • All players and referees to sanitise hands before and after every game
  • Tables, rests, etc. to be sanitised at the end of the games
  • The above are the responsibility of the home club


  • Players to only handle their own darts
  • All players and referees to sanitise hands before and after every game

Small Tables (Dominoes/cards)

  • Players to only handle their own cards/dominoes where possible
  • All players to sanitise hands before and after every game
  • Sanitise playing equipment before and after each game
  • Face masks can be worn at the discretion of individual players.


This is a FRIENDLY league. Any individual or team that causes a risk to other players will be dealt with by the league management committee. Sanctions can include one or more of:

  • Fines/Non-payment of prize money
  • A ban from playing in the league
  • Points deductions.

THANKS, STAY SAFE AND ENJOY THE GAMES - The League Management Committee

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